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Richard Beach

Setting Up a Writing Center

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One of the valuable resources that supports digital writing instruction is to have a writing center in a school or college that provides students with additional support outside the classroom. There are examples of high school and college writing centers on this site; see also the Writing Center Journal.

These writing centers can be staffed by trained peers, teacher colleagues, or even volunteer parents to provide feedback to students. Students can also receive help in learning how to use certain digital writing tools.

The Writing Center at Minnetonka High School, Minnetonka, Minnesota, has been operating for a good number of years and had been successful given the quality of training they provide peer tutors.

The University of Minnesota Center for Writing provides a unique service through online interaction between graduate student tutors and students so that students can received feedback without having to come to the Center.

For people interested in the process of setting up a writing center, the chapter in this free download book about school/community partnerships with Marie Hansen as the first author describes her process of setting up a writing center at Burnsville High School, Burnsville, Minnesota.

Marie drew on the work of Maggie Shea setting up the Minnetonka High School center and on the University of Minnesota Center for Writing. Again, a key factor was the process of training peers to give effective, descriptive feedback. These peer tutors themselves benefit from this training in terms of improving their own writing.







Shannon Livingston-Harris

How to Grow a Blog - blog of proximal development

This article explains blogs and how to use them in the classroom. 

Richard Beach

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